Maurice – SOLD

Maurice – SOLD


by Joey Garfield
16″ x 24″ Print
Wood chips, Vinyl 45’s, Skate Wheels, Stick

Mounds pop up everywhere-during every season. It has become my mission to profile these pile-ups of debris found in the corners of our world one mound at a time. They are all made naturally out of dirt, snow, wood chips and other organic material. A mounds lifespan is fleeting and in order to capture these mythical creatures in their natural environment, I have to act fast. I scale walls, climb fences, and sneak through alleys to get the shot. And I’ve only cut myself twice!

If I can point to some kind of internal influence or artistic guidance when creating mounds it would be equal parts Jim Henson, Maurice Sendak and nature artist Andy Goldsworthy.

– Joey Garfield

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10 color Inkjet Print UV Protected Matte Photo

1/8″ float mount