Thoughts on The Future

Thoughts on The Future
March 12, 2016 zachary

John Malta illustrates future predictions by three luminaries who appear in the feature film Creative Control, to give us their predictions on the future.

Reggie Watts


Reggie Watts no garbage future prediction futurist hovering soda bottle

Reggie Watts Creativity future prediction futurist

A new age of enlightenment arrives and is brought about by the masses demanding ecologically responsible solutions through technology and a balanced distribution of knowledge, compassion and wealth.

We will generate no garbage. Everything we have and create will be able to be recycled and re-purposed.

The pursuit of knowledge through creativity will be the default prioritization of most human beings.

Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes right to punch someone in the eye

FIGHTING – If you hate a dude, you have to apply to the government for a Black Eye and if they agree to the terms they have guys who do it. He has the right to retaliate but the paperwork for a fist fight takes a couple of months per punch.

The Future of Sex by Gavin McInnes

SEX – The actual act will be performed by elaborate machines while we stare at each other and talk about stuff. To procreate, there’s a tube that carries the sperm from one machine to the other. People who have normal sex will be known as perverts.

Future of Transportation by Gavin McInnes

TRANSPORTATION – You don’t have to go anywhere.


THE INTERNET – The entire Internet is accessible through your contact lens which is also recording and organizing absolutely everything you see and hear. After you die, your kids have TMI and don’t even bother looking it up.

Jake Lodwick

Jake Lodwick robots prediction


Jake Lodwick Augmented Reality

Jake Lodwick, people are going to be racist


Volitional Assistants. Think Siri, but it tells you what to do. If computers can drive cars, they can “drive” humans to behave more intelligently (and profitably).



Augmented Reality as dominant computing platform (it’s more fun, useful, and intuitive than other options).


People will still be racist no matter what.