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  • Good vs Evil

    This original artwork by Sutu is embedded with a layer of augmented reality. To experience the full power of this image, go to the APP Store on your iOS Device and download the free “Polaxis” APP. Launch the APP, then point your device’s camera at this page and watch inter-dimensional…

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  • The Sucklord: A Short Documentary

    Joey Garfield spends an afternoon with The Sucklord, talking Star Wars, Gay Rights, and why Super Villains have the upper hand.

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  • Andrea Bergart Cement Mixer

    Andrea Bergart

    “There’s never a dull moment over there,” Andrea tells me warmly. Indeed, the cars keep coming, and the bus stop draws a sure-fire crowd. The Department of Transportation recently enlisted Andrea to brighten the block. Commuters can get a glimpse of wide, wild brushstrokes, paint splatters and polka-dots, through layers…

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  • Thoughts on The Future

    John Malta illustrates future predictions by three luminaries who appear in the feature film Creative Control, to give us their predictions on the future.

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