8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes
October 24, 2014 Benjamin Dickinson
by Hannibal Buress and Benjamin Dickinson with art by Preston Spurlock

Still need a Halloween costume?  Local comedian Hannibal Buress and
director Benjamin Dickinson have got you covered.


Crushing it right now. Comes in chip or salad form.

Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman
“Dennis Rodman & Kim Jung Un”

A fun idea for a couple.


“Person who just got out of a really great yoga class”

There’s no costume, there’s only your authentic self. If other people project want to project things onto you, that’s their hang up.


“Hasidic Guy with a great idea for an app but without the requisite coding skills”


“Feminist who works at Vice”

Put on a hot outfit, be extremely confused.


“Liam Neeson”

Easy costume, just always be on your phone and look intense.

Ghost of Williamsburg Past

“Ghost of Williamsburg Past”
“Just a bunch of dicks”

Self explanatory.

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