Good vs Evil an Augmented Reality Comic by Sutu

Good vs Evil
February 21, 2015 zachary

For the winter-issue back-page illustration, Grand Quarterly tapped Australian artist, Sutu for this augmented reality illustration of Good vs Evil. In order to experience the full glory of this illustration you need to install the Polaxis App on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), from the app, point your device’s camera at this image.

This original artwork by Sutu is embeded with a layer of augmented reality. To experience the full power of this image, go to the APP Store on your iOS Device and download the free “Polaxis” APP. Launch the APP, then point your device’s camera at this page and watch inter-dimensional insanity unfold.

Sutu is best known for being the creator of NAWLZ – a 24 episode online interactive cyberpunk series and NEOMAD, a three part space opera set in the Australian outback. Sutu worked with Ghost Robot on the critically acclaimed scifi comic series The Gatecrashers. For more augmented reality comic madness, buy Sutu’s 50 page masterpiece “Modern Polaxis.” It’s currently available at the Grand Quarterly Shop or directly from the Sutu at

Pick up the latest print edition of Grand Quarterly to have your own copy of this awesome illustration.

Check out this video trailer for the Modern Polaxis book.



Modern Polaxis Trailer