Articles In Print

  • Future Camera

    Cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra discusses his collaboration with Benjamin Dickinson on the near-future, scifi satire, “Creative Control.”

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  • The Sucklord: A Short Documentary

    Joey Garfield spends an afternoon with The Sucklord, talking Star Wars, Gay Rights, and why Super Villains have the upper hand.

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  • Andrea Bergart Cement Mixer

    Andrea Bergart

    “There’s never a dull moment over there,” Andrea tells me warmly. Indeed, the cars keep coming, and the bus stop draws a sure-fire crowd. The Department of Transportation recently enlisted Andrea to brighten the block. Commuters can get a glimpse of wide, wild brushstrokes, paint splatters and polka-dots, through layers…

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  • Thoughts on The Future

    John Malta illustrates future predictions by three luminaries who appear in the feature film Creative Control, to give us their predictions on the future.

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