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  • Illustrating Cuba

    I knew I wanted to document my first experience there properly, or at least putting a bit more effort in it than just taking some pictures and videos that any other tourist could take. I was vaguely aware of the situation there, and I in a way I felt it…

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  • Sally Tran + Print All Over Me’s Jesse Finkelstein

    Fashion designer, turned filmmaker, Sally Tran’s latest project is a music video for Afro-Pop band Fool’s Gold. The project generated an enormous number of awesome patterns, so Grand Quarterly and Sally partnered with Print All Over Me to create an exclusive line of clothing, which will debut this fall. Sally…

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  • Thoughts on The Future

    John Malta illustrates future predictions by three luminaries who appear in the feature film Creative Control, to give us their predictions on the future.

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  • Andrea Bergart Cement Mixer

    Andrea Bergart

    “There’s never a dull moment over there,” Andrea tells me warmly. Indeed, the cars keep coming, and the bus stop draws a sure-fire crowd. The Department of Transportation recently enlisted Andrea to brighten the block. Commuters can get a glimpse of wide, wild brushstrokes, paint splatters and polka-dots, through layers…

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